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" If you can find what you love to do and make a career of it, you will never work a day in your life."

Hi Guys, my name is Scott Harradine, 

and I am the proud owner of Ocean Logic.

As a qualified marine electronics technician, I was Factory trained in Tokyo, Singapore, Norway and of course Brisbane by a multitude of international marine electronics brands.


I spent most of my career traveling around Australia and the Pacific repairing and installing on all types of vessels. Commercial Ships, Commercial Fishing fleets, cruising and sports fishing vessels, Tugs, Sailing yachts, super yachts and the list goes on. 

The biggest joy in my career while working for other marine electronics companies was turning on a customers freshly installed or re-calibrated system and showing them features or possibilities they never knew existed. That "wow that's cool" reaction got me up in the morning and kept me awake at night thinking of other things I could have done to make that boat even better.

Just as important however is helping those same customers avoid the pitfalls associated with these systems. knowing what not or  when not to install is often what separates a good technician from the bad.


 With the technology advancing everyday and the range of equipment getting so far spread that it could make your head spin, its becoming even more important to have trained professionals assisting you with your marine systems. 

so give us a call and see what Ocean Logic can do to help make your boating easier today.

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